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    MCA Mission

    The MCA provides a unified voice advancing conservation of Maui’s native ecosystems.

    MCA member organizations represent a variety of non-governmental organizations and governmental agencies which work to protect our natural resources on Maui.

    "Collaborative Conservation"
    Short film produced by the Maui Huliau Foundation

    Criteria for MCA Membership:

    • Knows, understands and is willing and able to support MCA’s purpose, mission and strategic priorities

    • Actively involved in conservation work on Maui and recognized for significant knowledge/expertise/experience in one or more of the following areas:

      • Terrestrial or marine conservation, conservation-related science, or public policy

      • Native Hawaiian culture with strong connection to mālama ‘āina

      • Grantsmanship and/or funding for continued conservation of Maui’s native ecosystems


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